2022 Guest Speakers

2022 Fall Season Speakers

Tommy Walker, Director of KAEPERNICK & AMERICA via Live Zoom

Sofian Khan, Producer of AN ACT OF WORSHIP

Laura Checkoway, Director of THE CAVE OF ADULLAM

Maia Kenworthy, Co-Director of REBELLION via Live Zoom

Kenny Vance, Director of HEART & SOUL with Moderator Tom Needham

Kenny Vance & the Planotones Performing after HEART & SOUL Film

Carolyn Hepburn, Producer of AMERICAN PAIN

Alex Winter, Director of THE YOUTUBE EFFECT via Pre-Recorded Zoom

2022 Spring Season Speakers


Christi Cooper, Director of YOUTH v GOV

Top from left to right for the film REFUGE: Erin Bernhardt, Co-Director, Din Blankenship, Co-Director, Arno Michaelis, Subject in the Film

Bottom from left to right: Melissa and Chris Buckley, Subjects in the Film, Dr. Heval Mohamed Kelli, Subject in the Film and Thomas Needham, Moderator for REFUGE via live Zoom

Director Lisa Hurwitz, Director of THE AUTOMAT

Long Island Singer-Songwriter Bryan Gallo, Performer for 80’s Pop, Rock and New Wave Concert before a-ha: THE MOVIE

Thomas Verrette, Director of ZERO GRAVITY via Live Zoom

Meredith Kaulfers, Producer of WE FEED PEOPLE for Our Special Benefit Screening of the Film and Olha Tsvyntarna, Ukrainian Singer Who Fled Ukraine During the War

Director Sara Dosa and Producer Shane Boris of FIRE OF LOVE