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Making great documentaries available in the community, for the community.

Since 2005, under the auspices of Greater Port Jefferson Arts Council, the Port Jefferson Documentary Series has presented many of the most notable and acclaimed documentary films made in the United States and around the world, often fresh from award-winning appearances at leading film festivals.

The volunteer members of the Port Jefferson Documentary Series screen scores of top films every season in order to select just seven that strike them as important, compelling and – to put it simply – worth seeing. At the conclusion of each film, directors, producers or other “in the know” guest speakers lead a Q&A with audience members. Venues include the historic Theatre Three in downtown Port Jefferson Village, and The Long Island Museum in Stony Brook. Keep current with the Port Jefferson Documentary Series by joining our mailing list. Don’t miss an evening at Long Island’s top documentary film series.

Lyn Boland, Barbara Sverd and Wendy Feinberg, Co-Directors