2017 was the first time our film series was entered into the Best of Long Island Film Festival competition. We won that year and for the next five years giving us the number one film festival for six years in a row. Thanks to our enthusiastic audience and supporters for making us the BEST!

Moving on to a Magnificent Fall 2022

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Dear Film Lovers,

We are very excited to present our Fall 2022 series! At the same time, we will always look back fondly at our first fall season in 2005, whenwe were just finding our way into the documentary world. And now, seventeen years later, we are still finding our way through a much-expanded and ever-evolving landscape of new documentary films and filmmakers. Formats have changed, distribution streams have changed, zoom has arrived-but the core remains the same: the drama of real life, real events, pursued by a dedicated filmmaker.

This fall our series begins with a very recognizable name: Colin Kaepernick (KAEPERNICK&AMERICA). We will go behind the scenes with this pivotal and controversial figure and find out what makes him tick. We will also delve into three of the problems threatening our world: climate change (REBELLION); opioid addiction (AMERICAN PAIN) and media-misinformation (THE YOUTUBE EFFECT). Two films take us on intimate journeys into minority communities, Muslim-Americans and African-Americans (AN ACT OF WORSHIP and THE CAVE OF ADULLAM) to broaden our horizons in the way that only a film can. Finally, we are very pleased to announce the preview screening of HEART & SOUL, featuring a post-Q&A Vocal Harmony Performance by Kenny Vance and the Planotones – Tickets are $12 for this presentation.

We are fortunate this season to welcome back two alums: Alex Winter, Director, (previous films at PJDS were DEEP WEB, THE PANAMA PAPERS and ZAPPA) and Carolyn Hepburn, Producer (previous films at PJDS were LIFE ANIMATED; LOVE,GILDA; ABACUS: SMALL ENOUGH TO JAIL).

Welcoming back filmmakers and following their work is part of the community feeling that is so important to us at the PJDS. So are the Q&As that follow our films which give our audience a chance to speak and participate. We would like to invite all of you to become a part of our community, not only by attending a screening, but by volunteering to work with us. We need writers for press releases, computer savvy people to do fliers and posters, management people to, well, manage the endless details. Contact us on the PJDS website “Contact page”: portjeffdocumentaryseries.com/contact.

See you at the movies!

Warm regards,
The Film Board


The Port Jefferson Documentary Series is sponsored by:

Maggio Environmental
Covati & Janhsen CPAS PC
Maia Salon Spa and Wellness
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Memories of our screening of WE FEED PEOPLE, on May 9, 2022 at the JFK Middle School
in Port Jefferson Station: a fundraiser for Ukarine.

Memories of Our 50th Anniversary of “Woodstock ’69” Screening of WOODSTOCK: THREE DAYS THAT DEFINED A GENERATION and Pre-screening “Wine and Woodstock” Party on 7/29/19 at Theatre Three

(Photos Courtesy of Lynn Rein and Eric Fieldstadt)


Memories of our Blues Concert and Screening of HORN FROM THE HEART: THE PAUL BUTTERFIELD STORY Film, May 20th at Theatre Three